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Are you interested in submitting your artwork for showcase at the Mushroom City Art Festival?

Evolver and the Baltimore Free Farm invite you to translate your artistic passion into an exploration of mushrooms in all of their multiple effects and manifestations throughout our culture and environment. Set your imagination and artistic expression free to intersect with all the magic, which mushrooms exude: from the healing properties mushrooms have, to the technologies that mimic them, to the beauty they express from the different environments they sprout from.

The art you create does not have to be a representation of mushroom(s), but can explore all the different aspects of this rich and wonderful life form and the ways it has affected our environment, culture, food, and imaginations for millennia. 

We’re gathering all media—painting, sculpture, performance art, multimedia, etc.—together with music, food and workshops to explore the multitude of mushroom possibilities.

The sky is the mind and limit of your imagination and contribution.

We would love to see submissions involving metal castings, wood carvings, crochet, performance art, fashion etc. The submissions can be inspired by exploring how mushrooms can be used as bio-fuels, in place of insecticides, and used to eat oil/plastic. Depending on how you want to engage mushrooms & your audience, you might also consider hosting a workshop. Our only caveat is that no psychedelic mushrooms be used in the final production of any art, due to their illegality in the United States. However, we welcome representations of psilocybes and the thought processes and sensory experiences they invoke.

There is no initial fee for a vending spot if you choose to also sell your work, but we do ask for 10% of whatever profit is made AFTER the first $100.
We want this to be inclusive for both newer and more established artists.

Please send all your submissions to our e-mail address:



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